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Exit Eden was born during a month of an unsolvable bug that I had in Rule The World, and so instead of giving up on game dev I decided to make another type of game, an online game.

Exit Eden pits you up again fierce animals and other human opponents in this free for all. Customize your character and clothing!

Working chat system, combat, 3 types of camera modes (FPS, TPS & TPS combat) camera and everything is replicated, down to the arrows in your backpack(literally the arrow's 3d models are increase and decreased in the pouch and can be seen on both server/client when arrows are armed, returned, or picked up).

This game is unfinished and probably will never be finished but is currently playable through LAN or Steam and can make for some quick fun. 

I uploaded it to show that I can make online games (and this was all made in less than a month) so imagine what I can do with more time and resources(yes I want money so I can put together a team and make that awesome dream game you've been thinking of hiring me to make).


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Win10 64bit Version 0.2