A downloadable game

Free version is no longer available on Itch as majorly updated version is now on Steam. if you would like a steam key to test it in this pre-early access phase please contact me on discord(link is available on my profile page).


Rule The World is a major work in progress. Levels are still being worked on but everything is playable so try it out and have fun. The earth screen for 4 players might be broken in this build (due to a race condition I resolved but haven't uploaded the fixed build yet) but if you press start you can toggle split screen and it will work, trust me its fun!

+full gamepad / mouse keyboard support
+top-down local 4 player with auto shared/split screen (toggle it to your liking)
+fixed view  or rotating camera (your choice)
+sounds & 30+ original songs hand played by me!
+shooting/melee with sword slicing enemies apart
+gamepad supports trigger fire or twin stick shooting (your choice)
+diverse enemies/animals
+30 selectable characters / some with color customization (eventually all)
+live inventory system/no pause required to use
+upgrade system to level up attributes like speed/health/regen etc...
+4 player arcade vertical scroller mode with 2.5 D camera
+4 player orbit around earth in a spacecraft
+procedurally generated arcade modes (top down shooter/side view platformer)
+bonus spacecraft 4 player mode
+bonus racer 4 player mode

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The background of the game is set a couple of years in the future, but the exact story is yet to be revealed... Mutant soldiers / some super powered and others barely, and animals have been infected as well. Everything is hostile, and you are our last hope. The character will be betrayed, discover love, friendship, and over come the evil powers that try to destroy this planet. Play it now and let me know your thoughts! 

Development log