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Anomaly Post Jam Update fixes a lot of bugs and includes the option to start the game with your own player name.

Online leadorboards, win for your country! Or win for yourself. Or Lose, loser. :)


Year 2197,

Earth became uninhabitable, and the remaining survivors launched into space in search of livable planets.
On board one of those interplanetary spacecraft, colonists are hibernated and put into a Virtual World for the journey. Some, chosen to be "Reality Keepers", keep simulation free from glitches and software malfunctions called "anomalies".  

Welcome keeper to day 365,  your task today: clean up duty!

Prepare for your yearly refreshment course.

team Anomaly Janitors:

PartlyAtomic (Landon Fowles)
PenToe (Piotr Tylus) 
GoldShay (Shay Malol)
ImagineGames (Reinaldo Vieira)
TheMooseman (Skyler Moosman)


ActionKeyboard + MouseGamepad
InteractEFacebutton Left
MovementWASDLeft Stick
AimMouseRight Stick
ShootLeft ClickRight Trigger
Toggle LaserRight ClickRight Shoulder
SprintShiftLeft Trigger
Jump/JetpackSpace / Press Again In AirFacebutton Bottom / press again in air
Pause MenuEscapeStart/Special Button Right



Anomaly_PostJamUpdate.zip 130 MB


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Boss fight tutorial in case you get stuck!


Very nice! Cool concept, well implemented, good art, lots of nice little details!