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Bunny Saver 2 is a unique take on the FPS genre. Instead of shooting bullets, you aim your crosshair (your character's hands) and pick up bunnies to throw them into the correct color bins (the same color as the bunnies. It's almost like basketball, without the ball and the baskets, or any of the players. 


Somewhere isolated, a bunny farmer has set up a malevolent facility where bunnies are mutilated for sheer evil. It is up to you (no pressure) to save these bunnies before the aforementioned farmer returns to add you to the count of mutilated corpses.
*it was a typo Allar...

Game was made in the 5 days allowed using UE4 for the Unreal Engine 4 Summer Jam 2018 by Team LIGMA (except for the below mentioned pre-made assets).


Developed by Reinaldo Vieira & David Brown

Music by John McDonald

Art by Abaky & Scott Rafferty

Pre-made assets:

Bunnies & anims (from 3drt.com)

First person character from First person shooter template, arms and anims (anims were built using anims from template).

Boss bunny dude was made by Reinaldo Vieira using iClone Character Creator but anims retargeted from Paragon GRUX, #thanksEPIC!)

Door break sound / zapsplat.com

Pro Sound Collection (whoosh sounds, splats, hits):


JUST GORE (for splat/spurt sfx):


FXVille Blood VFX Pack (for blood particles):


Online leaderboard made using Epic Leader Plugin!!!! https://forums.unrealengine.com/community/community-content-tools-and-tutorials/...

Bunny ears for boss character & headband from Dapper Hat Pack ue4 marketplace


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One of my favorites so far, haha! 


thank you so much Doktor!

Team LIGMA what?

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