changelog up to v15


v.6 fixes gamepads not being assigned to player 1 when 2 or more players are active

v.7 fixes ending not appearing after completing alphabet level

v.9 fixes AI buddy not following you (weird nativization bug) - but the judges should not play this below version since it was made after the jam!!!

v.10 fixes cats saying wrong audio, stops 2 sounds from playing at same time, fixes end game space bridge not appearing, fixes some sound pitches, improves sound trigger logic (better placement of overlaps), improves sound trigger shape, adds emphasis to story briefing key gameplay mechanics, fixes music not playing on number desert level, fixes out of bounds not triggering when overlapped by player egg

v.11 fixes sun position, removes moon (temporarily until I make it better), adds basic mouth movement when cat is speaking, improves size of trigger volumes, adds more lights to cat spaceship

v.12 prevents audio from restarting if it is already playing

v.14 fixes earth rotation direction it was actually correct on the bp itself but effect didnt propagate to overriden level value on actor details)

v.15 fixes some letters not appearing in alphabet forest (simple mistake where i looked at the possible spawn locations and the last one was called spawnlocation33 and i figured there were 33 locations, but forgot i had deleted some and so the total ended up being 21 locations, with 26 letters in the alphabet obviously some of them didn't spawn[unless you restarted the level])... also added some animals to all levels (placeholders currently, for feedback) (eventually add a book where everything you found goes)...  Download link to latest version below:

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Dec 16, 2019

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