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Rat Tale Pre-Alpha v0.20

Rat simulator / sewer surfer + crazy dream modes / play this wild game! · By ImagineGames


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v0.20 adds music to every level! and fixes a bug from the flying tunnel level
v0.20 adds music to every level! and fixes a bug from the flying tunnel level.. seriously... thats it...
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v0.15 fixes the bugs i didn't fix in 0.14 #spoiler
sorry about .014... let's agree not to talk about it okay... here is the fixed version voila*...
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Removed test objects from level 1 and updated water in level 2...
edit*, the fixes are not in v0.14 but will be in v.015 sorry, i had left some test objects in level 1 that broke the level... in level 2 i have also made it fi...
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mouse rotation bug fix! download v0.6 for update
we fixed the mouse camera rotation getting locked, it was something silly as usual...
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Click here for Mac version
3 Mac version is the least stable since it has the least amount of testing done, but if you s...
fixed mars level collisions with tunnels
had a bug due to collision settings not being set back to default after prototyping a concept level... fixed now...
fixed level 1 clipping through tunnel
I had a test level I was working on that made me change collision settings in order to work, and I hadn't yet realized its effect on level 1's tunnel until toda...
Escape to level select and 2 new levels added
just recently fixed not being able to quit the game from a level, now you can press ESCAPE and return to the level select screen from where you can return to th...